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Heirs of an ancient nautical tradition

Heirs of an ancient nautical tradition

Wooden boats have always been part of the scenery on Lake Como.

Several major Italian shipbuilders originate from the area, and it was on the shores of this lake that the Glisenti brothers’ passion for boats began. They inherited an ancient, well-established nautical tradition, and were convinced of the need to keep alive techniques and traditions for the construction of wooden boats which had all but disappeared.


The boatyard’s constant search for new techniques and materials, combined with true dedication to its work, allows it to offer excellence in both design and construction.

Today the company can produce new, hand-made finished products of the highest quality, built with particular attention to the needs and requests of the ship’s owner.

The Glisenti Boatyard also carries out complete or partial restoration of historic boats, always respecting the techniques and materials used when the craft was built.